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  • An Interview with Saira Kabeer

    Saira Kabeer is the morning show host for Dawn News. Her trademark positive attitude has been refreshing for audiences which is why her show is being appreciated across the masses in the country. It was nice to know that she is optimistic by nature and all the positivity she reflects through her show is actually embedded in her character. She believes that being original and true to oneself is of most significance. She doesn't believe in putting up a front and considers it hypocracy. During the interview it was nice to know that she comes from a non-media background and worked professionally across various professional fields and has diverse set of interests. 



    Tell us a little about your childhood and family? Did you grow up in Karachi?



    I am a thorough Pakistani…. Born & bred in Karachi. My ancestors are from India, Surat which is in Gujarat. I am my parents’ eldest child. I have two brothers and a sister. I have studied in a co-ed school. Did my ACCA locally and joined Ernst & Young, Chartered Accountancy firm.


    How did you end up hosting the morning show at dawn news?



    After doing my articleship from Ernst & Young, I joined banking. My last experience was in Citibank Finance as the Senior Business Analyst. I loved my work but as my first born was getting neglected due to long working hours I decided to quit banking. I then ventured into teaching in Lecole. Have taught A’ Levels Accounts, Financial Reporting to LSE External Degree Programme of BSC and multiple subjects related to finance to ACCA students in Lecole.



    I had time on my hands and thought I should do more…Through mutual friends I got in touch with Fahad Hussain, owner of Citrus Talent. Initially my husband and I had no idea what to expect, media industry was completely alien to us. After a long discussion with Fahad, I went for an audition and the rest is history. People started approaching me for dramas and hosting. Modeling for TVCs and hosting is very different. When Abb Takk News approached me to do a socio-political talk show… I decided to give it a shot. We were doing mocks for almost a year before going on air… I believe this was my luck…. I learned how to face the camera and much more there. Working in a news channel made me see media in a different light…Three months after I went on air, I got an offer from Dawn News to do their morning show and I decided that it suited me more instead of doing a political talk show.


    Was coming into the media a “chance” for you or did you always have this desire of working in media?


    When I was doing my first TVC, which was Telenor Talkshawk 5 paisa, I was very uncertain didn’t know what to expect. After the first day of shoot, I actually cried at home …. It was like a cultural shock to me. (Lol) Well my husband being a level headed and supportive person he is, suggested that I should at least complete this assignment and not do it again if I didn’t want to…  the second and the third of the shoot was much better as by then the uncertainity had lessened and I got accustomed to the extra attention and the environment. The thing that really interested me then and does today is the entire film making…. I love to see how different angles are shot and how they become one on edit. 

    Where does all the positive energy come from so early in the morning?


    I am generally a positive person. I guess my positivity comes from everything in me, around me… Back when I started, I did not know how I would do the morning show… But since I have started and yes I have to give credit to the team I work with in Dawn News, I don’t feel like I am working! It’s more like socializing.  I am generally a people’s person and hence meeting new people, getting to know them is a big high for me. This feeling of elation plays a vital role in bringing out positive energy in me. My team has never pressed me for ratings… I was told then and I am told even today that” just be yourself, the rest will fall in place”. And I must say it’s working out fine for us. 

    Are you as confident a person in real life as you are in front of the camera?


    Yes, I am a confident person. I am the same behind and in front of the camera. I don’t believe in putting up a front…. I consider it hypocricy. My confidence is the result of my reality. I don’t lie and believe in honesty through and through.  


    Which show up till now have you enjoyed the most hosting since the start of your morning show?


    There are many shows that I have really enjoyed doing. Can't really pick any one specific...

    Who has been your favorite guest on the show up till now?


    There have been many guests whom I have enjoyed interviewing… Each guest brings and adds a different colour to the show….

    Do you have any acting ambitions? If so would you opt for dramas or movies if given a choice?


    I feel acting is serious business and something that requires major talent. So if you ask me regarding my talent, I honestly don’t know if I have any related to acting and as for being a serious business, I will only even think about it if I am able to give it my all; that is time and effort.


    If I have to opt between dramas or movies, I will choose movies.

    Are you a movie buff?


    I don’t really know what will entitle me as one, I for one definitely enjoy seeing movies and that too in the cinemas, but if you ask me to recall names of movies or actors I am not too good at that.

    Where do you see yourself in next 5 years in the media industry?

    I believe in the quote “Man proposes God disposes” but saying this I still do have a plan. I would like to continue hosting and gradually get into production. I am also interested in film making, so might just take up a course or two from a good film making school and venture into this line.