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  • Release Date and Expected Price of iPhone 6 in Pakistan

    Release Date and Expected Price of iPhone 6 in Pakistan

    The iPhone 6 is coming, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.

    With less than two weeks before the iPhone 6 launch date, rumours and leaks are flying thick and fast. Here’s what we think we know so far.

    Apple has created two different iPhone 6 models.

    The consensus is that Apple will release two different iPhone 6 models, one with a 4.7-inch screen and the other with a 5.5-inch screen. The larger iPhone may be called the iPhone 6L.

    It has a better screen, a faster charger, a better camera and a thinner case

    The charger has been redesigned to offer faster charging, there’s a bigger battery and at least some models are expected to have super-tough sapphire glass displays. The case is so thin that the camera lens protrudes. Expect a faster processor – Apple’s A8 – and a faster 4G radio.

    Estimated Start Price in Pakistan: 130,000 Rs for 5.5-inches screen, 120,000 Rs for 4.7-inches screen

    Release Date: 15th September

    iPhone 6: Everything you need to know