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  • Social Networking Sites in India

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  is a social networking, blogging and video sharing community founded in 2010. Members are provided with an interactive experience which encompasses blogging as well as forums within their personal profiles and includes group chats audio and videowith their friends in addition to the standard features that are included in most of the social networking sites. currently has a strong presence in India too.


    A new social networking website in india which have new features like online fm radio, city celebrity, unknown places, advance friend search.


    Pinterest is launched in 2010 by three fellows Ben, Sciarra and Evan. Pinterest has therefore lesser users as compare to the other sites, yet it is doing well in the social media. It is majorly as photo-sharing site.


    MySpace has a strong musical influence for the reason that it is owned by the famous American actor and singer Justin Timberlake; yet it is much more than just a musical sharing site.
    It came into being in August 2003. Last year, it has 25 million U.S based users. It was overtaken by facebook in 2008, as before that year Myspace was the most visited social network.


    Most popular social networking site in the world at this point in time. Has a strong base in India too. Mostly used for connectingwith friends and family. Does not contain many tools for broadcasting currently.