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  • Islamabad , Cleanest city of Pakistan.

    Islamabad , Cleanest city of Pakistan.
    Islamabad is second most beautiful capital in the world while Washington DC on 4th. Islamabad is planned city build in 60s. Karachi was first capital of Pakistan at the time ofindependence. General Ayub Khan felt the need of federal capital and planned the city of Islamabad in beautiful margala hills.
    City is blended with natural beauty of margala hills and miracles of modernarchitecture. It's not only well planned but ranked in a survey as cleanest city of Pakistan. It has beautiful weather due to massive greenry around and inside the city along wide roads and well planned sanitation system. 
    Federal capital is well organised divided into sectors and zones. 
    Beautiful and largest mosque is south Asia is situated in Islamabad. It's 6th largest mosque in world. 

    Islamabad H sector is considered as the havard of Pakistan with almost all major institutes. National university of science and technology ,Islamic International university , FAST and many others. These institutions are competing international educational institutions.

    Research centres along expos centers are also part of beautiful and magnificent scenic beauty of islamabad. National Assembly , Supreme Court and beautiful embassies have made city more graceful .
    Unfortunately , due to lack of planning according to the weather of islamabad metro has caused severe water blockage in last few rains.
    Pakistan federal government need to take notice of such irregularities and start working on the sewerage system of islamabad before it turns into Venice in upcoming monsoon.
    Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It gives sense of peace to the tourists and should be preserved and maintained. City gad gone through tree shattering due to metro bus it should be restored as soon as possible else we would be giving a country to our new generation possibly with no oxygen.