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  • Blogging culture and trends in Pakistan

    Blogging culture and trends in Pakistan

    Blog is a piece of information or discussion that is published on World Wide Web. There are various trends and information representation alternatives have been introduced with the growth of internet usage. Blogging, online discussion forums as well social networks have been introduced over the years for opinion expression.

    One of the oldest trends is Blogging.  Bloggers are the internet users who put their views together in the form of text and visual aid. These views are opinion of individual and are not necessarily accurate but definitely it gives different perspective towards a certain topic. Bloggers could be famous writers, politicians, journalists or freelancers.

    Blogging trend in Pakistan has flourished in last decade. Primarily blogs were associated with fashion and politics. Recently trend has been changed.   Many news groups have given bloggers a platform to express their views on any field of life.

    Few years back blogs were not given any importance but currently it has become important enough to generate an opinion for or against certain topic.  Any controversial blog can generate online criticism which might lead to interesting decisions by concerned parties. Internet usage has facilitated people to convey their perspective over current affairs as fast as any event occurs. Few interesting and most famous blogging sites in Pakistan are

    Express Tribune is no one blog in Pakistan. It has achieved the peaks of fame in last few years. Today it’s known worldwide. Not only freelance writers but also the professional journalists and politician write blogs on Express tribune. it’s another wonderful blogging sites with a motto of transforming bloggers into entrepreneurs. is another amazing blogging site which gives new bloggers a chance to write blogs and give away their opinions over different topics. is new yet energetic and dynamic blog aims to become social media hub and make difference in blogging culture of Pakistan as well as bring new and young bloggers in the market to show their potential