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  • Social Media and its impact on Politics in Pakistan

    Social Media and its impact on Politics in Pakistan

    Buzzwords of 21st century; SELFIES, STATUSES, HASHTAGS and TWEETS; Social Media has transformed world into global village. Today reaction to an event in east can be reflected in west within 24 hours.

    In early 90s common man reaction towards any policy use to take quite a while to make an impact while today’s communication technology has advanced towards major opinion maker.

    Social Media has been regarded as Wave of Change. The reason of taking social media seriously has been credited to different global events which lead to freedom movements and revolutions. In Pakistan we have witnessed few very interesting events where social media has been given more importance by policy makers and political parties.

    Social Media and Its Impact

    Social Media has played very interesting role during last general elections in Pakistan.  Youth which makes up to 60% of Pakistan’s population has shown their support towards different political parties through social forums. Major Social forums in Pakistan are Facebook and Twitter.

    Nobody denies the culture of Jalsas still there is huge chunk of Pakistan’s population who avoids going to political gatherings. Social Media has given such people a chance to express their political agenda. It helps them to become vital part for the transfer of power in country.

    Few major events such as General Elections were highly affected by social media. PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) has become second largest party in General Elections of 2013 and it has largest social media presence. During Dharna by PTI Chairman Imran Khan; People have shown their concerns and reservations on different events via social media and that’s has made him take his few decisions and statements. ISPR (Inter Services Public Relation) Pakistan which is one of the biggest institutes releases its press statement first on social media then on print and electronic media.

    Social Media might seem to have greater impact but there are few ground realities which cannot be avoided and didn’t let it become a major opinion maker. Pakistan is developing country; All the people who have right to vote don’t have access to internet. It leads to hasty generalization of any public opinion. It has been seen in last general elections biggest political party according to social media was PTI but in elections PML-N has won with fair majority.

    Next General Elections might have a greater impact of social media due to 3G and 4G launch in Pakistan as well as growing population of internet users.