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  • why I hated the movie "Student of the year"

    Okay, I understand that “Student of the year” came out in October 2012, so this post is a little overdue but I couldn’t actually sit down and watch the film in decent print until recently (I was moving to Malaysia for university, I’m sure you get what I mean.)

    But I think it’s fitting to write about this now, because most people will have seen the movie by now and hence will have developed an opinion about it. This is just my opinion and no one has to agree with me, but man did this movie make my blood boil!

    Let’s start with the story of the school. In all honesty, I was really excited when the promo came out because I could relate to being a part of an intense school (I’m from Nixor). But within the first five minutes of the film the cliché was obvious, because the “St. Teresa” student body is divided into the rich snobs, who are rich hence beautiful, and because they are beautiful they cannot be smart, and the poor scholarship kids, who are poor hence unattractive, and because they are unattractive so they are obviously smart.

    Then there are the characters. Take Shanaya who is dubbed the “most beautiful girl at school”. Now, I have nothing against Alia Bhatt, and I’m sure she is lovely, but all the girls in the film were lovely in their own way. The fact that the girl with the fairest skin and the most branded wardrobe is the prettiest is the antithesis of 21st century beauty where we are (finally) accepting beauty in all shapes, colors and sizes. Apart from that my issue is with the kind of girl she is presented to be, and why she is the main female protagonist. Throughout the film, I tried to understand what was, to use a simple word, “good” about her character; here is a materialistic girl, who understands nothing but brands and hates her stepfather but at the same time loves flaunting his money. I’m sorry but how is that a heroine?

    Some argue that the cuteness of this character is in her wanting love. And I shall answer that comment with a question; she wants love, well who the hell doesn’t?

    Then thee are the guys. Yes they are very attractive (I’m sure).

    But their characters also lack depth, one is rich the other isn’t, they fall for the same girl, they both have something to prove. But at the end of the day there isn’t that real quality in either one.


    Moving on. The story is the tried and tested “girlfriend falls for best friend, and vice versa” to which I will just say, it is more of a broken record than wearing black all the time.

    The comedy is also a little try hard at times, at other times not trying hard enough. Nothing too original or witty, which is a shame to see because of late, there have been youth centered Bollywood comedies that are both original and funny (watch “Love ka the end” or “Mujhse fraaandship karoge” for example).


    All in all, I was very disappointed (to use a nice word).