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  • Status of women

    The status of women has changed a lot in recent times. These days women have taken a huge step towards equality however; we still live in a society in which the value of a women is measured in terms of their physical appearance and not their intellectual contribution or talents. Despite the changing trends women are still been paid less when compared to a man for the same type of work. What effect does this obvious gap between men and women have on our nation’s female population? The effect of this is the unconscious perpetuation of the understanding that women are inferior to men in our society.

    But on the other hand Indian women have made a mark in varied areas and have made a remarkable name and identity for themselves in the society. Some have entered the political arena, some are flying planes and others are entrusted the responsibility of running MNCs. They're at an equal level with men in terms of their economic standing. Woman’s status today has undergone a radical change from what it was in the past. Women are doing the work of men and sometimes women do it better. It may be because women are more patient and more intellectual. The concept of earlier days was that only a man could work, because society thought that cleaning the house and taking care of the children were the only things women were capable of doing.

    This has changed a lot because now both, men and women, are working and taking care of home together.

    For many years, Indian women have suffered  a great deal in the hands of the men folk, faced extreme levels of exploitation, have adhered to clearly defined norms of society and have been looked down upon as menial slaves. It was also considered that the women belonged from the weaker sex. They have been denied of the basic freedom and in those times no one felt happy with the news of a girl child being born in a family. But with the help of feminists and reformists women have been able to uplift their position and remove the domestic tag. The modern women have become courageous enough to break through the myths of the past.

    Men and Women are just like the two wheels of a chariot. They are equal in importance and they should work together in life. No one is superior or inferior to other. Unlike ancient times, though currently in majority of rural areas of India women are treated well, but with the orthodoxy they are cut off from the main stream of social life.