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  • Influence of media

    T.V., advertisements, and video games have a significant impact on the developing minds of children and youth. Most of the people know things through the media. Media is supposed to be the ultimate source of information and entertainment. But the extent of influence depends on each individual. Media can have a positive as well as a negative impact; it can make an individuals behavior violent or aggressive because of what they see on T.V or the games they play. But at the same time we can find out what is happening at the other side of the world in seconds through the media. Media is the best way to spread information and news from one part of the world to the other. There are educational programs to help people learn anything through internet, television and radio. We are made aware of a variety of products through advertisements. And also get weather updates from time to time. 

    Media serves as the main server of control for not only the youth but also the various stages of life. It has become such an integral part of most of our lives today that we may not even realize its influence on us.

    Television affects us in many ways, majority of our actions are influenced by the movies and the music industry of today. Some of us even tend to live like the celebrities and TV stars, not knowing that in real life it's going to be a completely different scenario. Television can unknowingly influence ones personality and can affect their surroundings as well.

    Media is all around us at all times, thus we will be influenced by what we hear and see.